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What we do

  • Industrial weighing systems: truck scales, palette scales, crane scales, precision scales and all kinds of scales and special personalized ones.
  • Software control of all processes and automatisms of any type.
  • Construction of machinery, development and management of I&D projects, including design or manufacture.
  • Creation of tailor-made, specialized systems, devices and machines designed for very specific applications.
  • Industrial engineering and automation.
  • Customized programming for mobile applications and devices.
  • Customized programming or tailor-made machinery for data collection systems in factories from any device or machine.


The combination of a high technical knowledge with the growing need to implement weighing technologies originated BARBAL, which began its activity in the early 80's, dedicated to the manufacture and distribution of weighing equipment.

BARBAL is a company with an organizational culture marked by technical and commercial creativity, its focus on the training of its professionals and the internal rigor of procedures.

“A Weight partner.”




Here's a list of some of the solutions we've developed over more than 30 years of experience.

  • Full control during unloading operations of stagnant objects and grains in port, with control of loading / unloading operations in silos and warehouses.
  • Automation of truck load collection in solid waste compaction facilities run by the municipalities.
  • Self-service system for weighing and collecting waste for recycling.
  • Dosing of ingredients for food industries and animal feed industries.
  • Fully-automatic Big Bag filling.
  • Dosing on trucks.
  • Dosing hoppers and mobile weighing systems.
  • Bag control and labelling weighing system.
  • Development of weighing systems without platform.
  • Global factory automation project.
  • Integral warehouse control and management software.
  • Truck weighing control system.
  • Control system for grape collection at the entrance of wineries.
  • Comprehensive system for information collection from production teams from other companies aimed at creating connections between the facilities and the standard management software.
  • Raw material dosing system for the manufacture of cement and concrete.
  • Truck weighing self-service system with Internet data update and visualization.
  • Palette labelling system with robotic automated line applicator
  • Key control system for managing vehicle use in service providing companies.
  • On-site data collection system in 4 palette scale facilities to be simultaneously centralized in a single installation team.


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