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Weighing in Motion

Continuous Weighing System BUW/BUWT

Weighing system for granulate and liquid products with uninterrupted, continuous supply, automated weight management and management of history using a PC.

Dynamic Integration Weighing Systems TE-DIN

The TE-DIN integrating systems are applied to the continuous measuring of the flow of granulate material in low, medium and high capacity transporters.

The quality of the electronic cells used in the "BARBAL" brand equipment is E.C. certified according to the R60 O.I.M.L standards.

Margin of Error: -+0.1% to 1%. The precision is associated with a correct specification of the product on the conveyor belt and, naturally with suitable installation and calibration.

Dynamometer Scale CS Series

Dynamometers with great precision and internal battery. Battery with an autonomy of 100 to 150 hours. Low battery warning. Can be configured for Multi Range with capacity from 40 kg to 50t.

Electronic scale for suspended loads (dynamometer type), for industrial internal use. Is an excellent low cost option.

Available with radio system for communication to peripherals (PC, Printer, Weight Repeater with functions). Available in the homologated CE-M OIMLR version.

Palette Carrier Scales TRP

Palette carrier with incorporated scales with a high resistance to overloads and collisions. Avoids the transporting of goods to the scales. Works efficiently in very aggressive environments.

This equipment can have a printer incorporated or can send data via radio to a PC/printer. Available in two versions, in industrial paint and entirely in stainless steel.

The weight is given on an electronic terminal placed on-board the palette carrier and is connected to an autonomous 120 hr power supply.

The weighing system is composed of 4 high precision load cells.

Equipped with safety devices.

Stacker Weighing System PSC

Weighing system for placement on forklift trucks with a high resistance to overloads and collisions. Works efficiently in very aggressive environments.

This equipment can be connected to a printer on the machine or can send data via radio to a PC/printer.

Electronic system applicable to all forklifts which use forks built in accordance with the FEM classification.

Robust, compact structure built in compliance with the requirements of directive 89/392/CE.

The weight is given on an electronic terminal placed on-board and connected to the forklift's power system.

Forklift Weighing System PSC 1000

An advanced on-board weighing system specifically designed for wheeled loaders operating in the toughest environments.

With the ever increasing focus on productivity and safe-loading, the new PSC 1000 is a cost-effective weighing instrument that reduces loading cycle times and maximises tons per hour performance.

Shovel Weighing System PS

The PS 100 is an all new CAN based system setting a benchmark for the industry combining cutting edge sensor technology and signal processing techniques providing precise and consistent weight information.

With the ever increasing focus on productivity, PS 100 has been designed to operate within the fastest loading environments and toughest of conditions compensating for uneven, sloped ground and restricted loading areas reducing cycle times and maximizing tons per hour performance. Loading correctly first time eradicates return trips to the stockpile reducing vehicle movement, fuel usage and machine and tire wear

PST Weighing System

The control unit of the PST LAN 2.0 system is installed directly in the readings, they are shown axis by axis, net and gross or partial. PST LAN 2.0 uses a variety of digital sensors placed on the assumptions of the vehicle and displays all the data on an easy-to-read screen, without having to press any keys. In addition, the weight data can be printed with a mini printer on board and can also be connected to any satellite system. This system pays for itself because knowing the weight of the load when traveling means optimizing travel times and economic performance in total safety.

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