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About us

Our company is comprised of highly-motivated professionals who are strongly and deeply committed to this business project.

Everything we do at BARBAL is geared towards being the most profitable and safe as possible. Close cooperation with our customers is the key to success by meeting their real needs.

Since the early 80's, we have been providing an effective, professional and reliable after-sales service in more than 30 countries.

BARBAL's values:

Effort and honour
Professional integrity
Out-of-the-box thinking and spirit of constant improvement
Sincerity and trust in people
Brand pride
Customer orientation.

Who we are

The combination of a high technical knowledge with the growing need to implement weighing technologies originated BARBAL, which began its activity in the early 80's, dedicated to the manufacture and distribution of weighing equipment.

BARBAL is a company with an organizational culture marked by technical and commercial creativity, its focus on the training of its professionals and the internal rigor of procedures.

“A weight partner.”




BARBAL stands for quality and innovation. Due to its own technology, the most advanced resources and a strong team spirit, the company is able to fully manufacture a highly robust and reliable product for load weighing with maximum efficiency and safety.

The key principles behind our products: A wide range of components and equipment / Advanced features / Highly robust and reliable design with minimal maintenance / Complete all-round manufacturing of all components.


Great demand, better quality.

The products offered by BARBAL in all sectors were designed and planned so as to give our customers the maximum benefits at the lowest cost, based on reliability, safety, durability, price and minimal maintenance.

We ensure quality in our products and processes.

The increasing demands from our customers have made us develop a dynamic approach towards constant improvement. Design and manufacturing based on IEC, FEM, DIN and EN / CE approval of all products / Cost-effectiveness and safety / Certified Company according to ISO 9001 Quality Management.


We are deeply committed to constantly innovating our products and services.
The increasing market demands have made us believe in the importance of continuous improvement. The company strives towards seeking organizational excellence so as to gain trust and satisfaction from our customers.

BARBAL also conducts research as to the best ways to improve the performance, durability and reliability of its equipment, while reducing its environmental impact. We are continuously working towards improving our products and processes so as to minimize material and energy consumption. The ability to reduce both weight and maintenance requirements while achieving better surface protection systems will ultimately increase service life of all elements and components subject to wear and tear.

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4705-384 Cabreiros, Portugal

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