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Costs and maintenance of a weighbridge

7 December, 2020
Costs and maintenance of a weighbridge

In order to correctly compare the various truck scale options, a knowledgeable buyer should take into account more than just the purchasing price of the product. If price is important, it is the precision and reliability of the truck scale that will have a direct impact on the owner's activity during the subsequent decades. Choosing a reliable weighbridge can lower maintenance and repair costs to the extent where it is worth several years in value. The choice of an extremely precise weighbridge protects you from hidden losses or benefits due to errors.

During the process of choosing his next truck scale, the buyer must take into account not only the purchasing price of his equipment, but also the total cost of ownership. That is, you must also take into account the cost of equipment immobilization, the cost of any repairs and preventive maintenance.

Furthermore, consider the value of shipped goods transactions. Also check the value of the goods received, their verification is part of good commercial practices. This is the best way to identify any losses, mistakes or scams. You should also consider stock control. In this sense, the truck scale is the first stock control point and an indispensable resource for checking your purchases, as well as in any audits. You should also consider the possibility of shipping as much as possible, without exceeding the maximum permissible weight on vehicles.

The cost of owning a weighbridge can be influenced by component failure or the need for new calibrations or new verifications. Some components are more likely than others to cause this.

It may be hard to imagine that a new weighbridge could be less reliable, since it is new. However, they face a number of challenges, and some require more interventions than others. Since the downtime of a truck scale can mean huge losses for your business, it is worth considering investing a bit more in reliable equipment that gives you guarantees over its life cycle.

Typically, the main causes that lead to the immobilization of a weighbridge are environmental impacts, such as water and lightning. Barbal ® TC load cells are made of stainless steel with IP69K protection, which means that they can be submerged in water for long periods of time without causing damage. Cable glanded wiring prevents water from entering the load cell body. The Barbal ® junction box (in case you opt for analogue load cells) also has a high level of watertightness, IP68, which also protects it from that risk. You should also consider the need to protect yourself against rodents. The cables supplied with Barbal ® weighbridges all have metal rodent-proof protection, so this is less of a problem for you. Also inquire about the operating temperature range of the various components. The other main cause of damage is thunderstorm. Our truck scales have grounding connection, which immediately protects them from these phenomena. Furthermore, the Barbal ® junction box has gas dischargers to further protect your equipment, saving you from unnecessary repair costs.

You should also, during the useful life of your weighbridge, plan the immobilization for preventive maintenance. It is essential for the proper functioning of the equipment.

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